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have high thought of 全部释义和例句>>有很高的思想 have high thought of 全部释义和例句>>有很高的思想

这几个都是不同的意思,learn from的意思是向...学习

be thought to be讲述事实,be thought of as后面是观点。 be thought to be 的例句: 跟形容词 Frog not been seen for 50 years and thought to be extinct is discovered in Israel. 跟名词 He was thought to be a good student, until he w...

be thought highly of 被高度重视;被高度评价 例句 1.He is a political leader who has been thought highly of by people all over the world.他是一位受到全世界人民高度评价的政治领袖。 2.But its cardiotoxicity, especially its arrhyth...

thought of you 网络 想你 双语例句 1 The thought of you with my daughter. 一想到你和我女儿。 2 I am the thought of you melancholy. 我对你思念惆怅。

be thought of as 被认为是

在修饰被动语态中,副词常放于体现被动语态的be动词与过去分词之间。 语法中副词是修饰动词的,所以highly放于thought之后也可以。 其实,副词在修饰动词时在句子中是灵活的,很多情况副词的位置并不影响。

idea 想法,主意,建议,一般有创意的意思在里面,例如 I have a good idea 我有一个好建议 opinion 意见;主张 指的是主管的想法 例如 I have an opinion 我有一个想法(指的是主观的看法) mind 作为名称的意思是理智,精神;意见;智力;记忆...

有。 The author is trying to reveal the reasons of enlarging the mass base and prove what we should do it in accordance with the thought of "Three Represents". 本文将分析扩大党的群众基础的深刻原因,论证以“三个代表”思想为指导扩...

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