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have high thought of 全部释义和例句>>有很高的思想 have high thought of 全部释义和例句>>有很高的思想

B 考查非谓语动词。句中you thought of为the way的定语成分,the way to do sth做某事的方法,根据句意选B。

be thought highly of 被高度重视;被高度评价 例句 1.He is a political leader who has been thought highly of by people all over the world.他是一位受到全世界人民高度评价的政治领袖。 2.But its cardiotoxicity, especially its arrhyth...

at the thought of [英][æt ðə θɔ:t ɔv][美][æt ði θɔt ʌv] 一想到…(就); 例句 1.He boggled at the thought of swimming in winter. 他想到要在冬天游泳就有些犹豫。 2.She blushed at the tho...


这几个都是不同的意思,learn from的意思是向...学习

be thought to be讲述事实,be thought of as后面是观点。 be thought to be 的例句: 跟形容词 Frog not been seen for 50 years and thought to be extinct is discovered in Israel. 跟名词 He was thought to be a good student, until he w...


be thought of as 被认为是

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